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The following 10 collections are included:
  • Assembler 8086 - the assembly language of the 8086 processor
  • Borland Pascal - for programmers who use Borland Pascal to write Windows applications
  • Computer English - English terminology of the fastest developing of all sciences - computer science
  • Delphi - most critical facts and rules needed for effective Delphi programming
  • DOS - basic and advanced options of Microsoft`s first operating system
  • Introduction to MySQL - a compact collection that will help you to master how to add, access, and process data stored in a database managed by MySQL (very fast, reliable, and easy to use database management system)
  • Oracle Performance Tuning - this collection of 520 questions covers material needed for the Performance Tuning part of the Oracle8 DBA exams (Exam 1Z0-014)
  • PERL - for programmers, web designers, and system administrators interested in PERL programming language
  • Visual Basic - a collection for programmers who use Visual Basic 6.0 to write Windows applications
  • Windows API - ABC of programming to Windows Application Programming Interface
This mix was designed for SuperMemo 98 or later. It can also be used with SuperMemo for Palm Pilot, SuperMemo for Windows CE, SuperMemo 6 for DOS, and SuperMemo 7/8

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