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Lifelong users of SuperMemo can always bank on a cheap upgrade to the newest version. This time save 68% off the list price and get your SuperMemo 17 now.

Who qualifies for this upgrade?
  1. users who have ordered any SuperMemo via this store before May 30, 2016 (choose Automatic verification)
  2. users who have ordered SuperMemo 16 via this store between April 1, 2016 and May 29, 2016, can update free (choose Free update)
  3. registered users who have ordered shrinkwrapped SuperMemo from SuperMemo World or its distributors before Jun 1, 2016 (choose Registration number in options)
  • choose Automatic (below) if you have ordered from this store before
  • if you have ordered from any SuperMemo website and still remember the password, choose Password and type in the password in the comment field while ordering
  • if you have ordered from any SuperMemo website and still remember the order number, choose Order number and type in the order number in the comment field while ordering
  • choose Free Update if you already own SuperMemo 17 or qualify for a free upgrade. Note that in PayPal, free upgrade will register as a charge followed by a refund. To update SuperMemo 17, you can simply re-run the installer. You do not need to click Order below
  • choose Please help if you are not sure what to do or you lost your order/registration data
Important!!! You will receive a new unlock password via e-mail within a business day (you can use the locked version in the meantime without any disruption to your learning). If you get no instant confirmation via mail, check your spam folder, your e-mail address, or write to shop(AT)supermemo(DOT)org

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With SuperMemo you can forget about forgetting!