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Advanced English 2018 is your fastest way towards reaching the vocabulary of a well-educated native speaker of English! You can master 45,000 words and phrases in just four years working less than an hour per day!

Advanced English 2018 includes:

  • Advanced English 2018,
  • Advanced English sounds,
  • Advanced English pictures,
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Spelling
  • Phonetic transcription, and more.
There are 2 stages you need to go through in order to get Advanced English 2018 onto your computer:

Stage 1: You place your secure on-line order in Super Memory Store and immediately download Advanced English without multimedia. You need SuperMemo 17 or later to use this material.
Stage 2: Within a business day, you will receive further instructions to download multimedia files of Advanced English 2018.

This product has been designed for SuperMemo 17 for Windows. You must have SuperMemo 17 (or later) to use this material. If you order Advanced English 2018 along with SuperMemo 17, you will receive a 20% discount on both.

File size: This collection is available as a zip file of 8.2 MB. You will get a download link at the moment of completing your order. You will later optionally download 671 MB of Advanced English multimedia files.

With SuperMemo you can forget about forgetting!