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American States Collection will help you learn a variety of facts related to the geography and history of all fifty US states. Did you know, that:
  • Delaware was the first state that ratified the US constitution and entered the Union on Dec 7, 1787
  • Rhode Island is the smallest state with total area of 4,002 sq. km
  • The name of the lowest point in the USA is Death Valley, it is 86 meters below the sea level, and it is located in California
  • District of Columbia was established the seat of national government in 1800, when Congress moved there from its temporary headquarters in Philadelphia
  • Alaska is the largest state
  • Hawaii entered the Union as the last state in August of 1959, eight months after Alaska
  • Mount McKinley is the highest point, not only in the USA, but in North America as well, and it was named after president - William McKinley, in 1896
  • Hawaii is also known as "Aloha State"
The collection will also help you learn the state capitals and the locations of the largest cities in particular states

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