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The following 10 bestselling collections are included:
  • Anatomy - the foundations of the anatomy and facts with wider physiological implications
  • Basic French - over 600 nouns and phrases of French
  • Basic Italian - nearly 2000 items on Italian vocabulary and grammar
  • Basic Spanish - over 600 nouns and phrases of Spanish
  • Basic Spanish (by Jens Buurgaard Nielsen) - This collection intends to provide the user with a balanced, all-round, beginner level active vocabulary for Spanish and furthermore a passive vocabulary sufficient for reading a newspaper (provided a good knowledge of grammar and especially verb conjugations)
  • Country Locations - this multimedia collection will give you an almost flawless recollection of country locations from the world's six continents
  • English Irregular Verbs - the greatest collection of English irregular verbs comprising nearly 400 verbs
  • English Proverbs and Quotations - most popular English proverbs and quotations
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Memory - a collection that compiles research data on how memory works at the molecular level
  • Phrasal Verbs - brush up your knowledge of phrasal verbs
This mix was designed for SuperMemo 98 or later. Separate collections for SuperMemo 17 are included

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