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Last updated: Apr 06, 2000
This is an excellent collection of most critical facts and rules needed for effective Delphi programming. SuperMemo 99 was written in Delphi 4 and this collection was developed for our internal use. However, you will also find it useful if you want to take a systematic approach to improving your programming knowledge and skills. You will learn the basics of Visual Component Library, most important properties, methods and events of most frequently used components. Hints and tips, bugs, compiler options, typical implementation problems, useful keyboard shortcuts, and more. This is not a comprehensive substitute for a manual. You will only memorize facts that are frequently not known even by advanced programmers, and only those facts that will truly enhance your programming power.
Q: del: What is the speed of Delphi 3.0 as compared with Visual Basic 5.0?
A: it is 5 times faster

Q: del: What string types are available in Delphi?
A: short string (as in Turbo Pascal), long string (dynamically allocated), wide string (using Unicode)

Q: del: How to open a dialog box OpenDialog1?
A: OpenDialog1.Execute

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