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Last updated: Sep 25, 2000
In the present world you will not run away from computer terminology. If you do not know terms such as Internet, website, e-mail, download, etc. you will often not even be able to understand your daily TV news. Computer English introduces you to some basic computer terminology as well as to a great deal of advanced terms such as beta-testing, speech synthesis, shareware, optic character recognition, cryptology, drag-and-drop, spreadsheet, object-oriented programming, hack-attack, groupware, GUI, cold booting, printout, microparallelism, hexit, mastering and many more.
Q: comput: a program which can be freely copied without restrictions
A: public domain (program)

Q: comput: (the salute of computer programmers)
A: Happy hacking!

Q: WYSIWYG (comput)
A: what you see is what you get

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