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One of the few collections in SuperMemo Library that is really a great fun to learn. Have a look at some examples: catch somebody with his pants down, learning is like sex ... you cannot leave it to others, to look like a dog's dinner, s.b.d. (silent but deadly, about a fart), scare somebody's pants off, vaporware (e.g. Windows NT 5.0), work 8 days a week, head I win - tails you lose, Brail copy of the yellow pages (about an often touched object), quickie (a fast sexual intercourse), have rats in the attic, etc.
Q: hum: an old, female lavatory attendant
A: toilet granny

Q: hum: a person or organization that has a complete power and closely surveys its inferiors
A: Big Brother

Q: to laugh down the toilet (hum)
A: vomit

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