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This collection contains over 1600 words that usually cause most problems to students of English as the second language.

The most important addition to this collection is the phonetic transcription registry that can be used by other collections created by the user. The registry contains 72,000 phonetic transcriptions of most frequent words used in English. To install the phonetic registry in your other collections you will only have to choose English at Tools : Options : Language : Phonetic transcription. This way you will easily be able to see phonetic transcription of all words by pressing Alt+Y or moving the mouse over the text (if mouse-move transcription button is down).
International Phonetic Alphabet font is also included (SuperMemo_ipa.ttf)

This mix was designed for SuperMemo 98 or later. It cannot be used with SuperMemo for Palm Pilot, SuperMemo for Windows CE, SuperMemo 6 for DOS, nor SuperMemo 7/8

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