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Esperanto was braced for becoming the language of the world. UNESCO was once even close to officially endorsing it as the language for the planet. The greatest power of Esperanto lays in its simplicity (only 16 grammar rules that can be learned in 10 minutes) and immense richness of prefixes and suffixes that make it possible to generate a great number of generally understandable words from a single root. Some people could learn Esperanto in weeks and use it with proficiency comparable to their native language. If you cannot believe this, try this collection. You can master it in a month and you will have hard time believing how easy this language is. We are all happy that we finally know what language to learn to be understood worldwide: English. 80% of the web is written in English and 80% of netizens do speak English. The only regret we might have that web might develop much faster if it was dominated by Esperanto. Official difficulty figures put Esperanto at 15-fold advantage as compared with English!!! To taste the future that was to be, give Esperanto a try.
Q: friend
A: amiko

Q: dancing party
A: dancvespero

Q: What time is it?
A: Kioma horo estas?

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