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The following 15 collections are included:
  • American States - useful facts concerning geography and history of all 50 states of America
  • Capitals of the World - capitals of independent countries
  • Countries of the World - a collection for everyone who wants to play an active role in contributing to the growth and development of the global village
  • Country Locations - this multimedia collection will give you an almost flawless recollection of country locations from the world's six continents
  • Eastern Europe (Political Division) - a compact collection, which is going to help you remember all the countries from the eastern part of Europe in the context of their political and natural neighbors as well as their political arenas
  • English in Geography - a collection for learning vocabulary in the field of geography
  • English in Geology - a collection for learning vocabulary in the field of geology
  • Extremes of the World - a collection of on the largest, highest, smallest, lowest, etc. extremes in the world and facts related to them
  • Flags of the World - flags of independent countries
  • Geographical Expolorers - a set of facts concerning major geographical explorers and explorations they made
  • Geography - this collection includes maps of all the continents, and makes it possible to test knowledge of the locations of each country
  • Geological Time Scale - a collection on the table of Earth history from its origins 4,600,000,000 years ago to the present
  • Nationalities of the World - a collection on natives and nationalities of the world
  • Poland Country Profile - geographic location, basic political data and socioeconomic indicators of Poland - a country in central Europe
  • Seven Wonders of the World - a collection of facts about the seven wonders of the ancient world
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