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Last updated: Mar 24, 2003
A collection for learning the first 3800+ words and phrases that are most frequently used in the spoken and written language. Learning material is divided into tematic categories (see: German at Beginner's Level knowledge tree)
Q: Ger: alongside (e.g. two red cars were parked alongside each other)(prep)
A: nebeneinander (z.B. die zwei roten Autos waren nebeneinander geparkt)

Q: Ger: to leak
A: durchsickern

Q: Ger: excitement (n)
A: die Aufregung

Q: Ger: a constituency
A: die Wählerschaft

Q: Ger: a palace
A: der Palast

Q: Ger: extraordinary
A: außerordentlich

Q: Ger: a bond
A: die Obligation

Q: Ger: sophisticated
A: anspruchsvoll

Q: Ger: deliberately
A: absichtlich

Q: Ger: to monitor sth
A: etwas überwachen

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