Hellenic Mix

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The mix contains everything that one MUST learn BY HEART, in order to read on one’s own Plato, Xenophon, Thucydides and other Attic (Athenian) writers; also New Testament. It includes basic vocabulary, the entire inflection and a survey of syntax. To a great extent it enables to read the Greek translation of Old Testament (Septuagint). It provides one with most of knowledge needed to read other Ancient Greek writers.

Important!!! To make Hellenic Mix'es collection work you have to install graeca.fon font in Windows. This font is included in [SuperMemo]/systems/classical greek/font folder. SuperMemo can only install True Type fonts. This font has to be installed manually!

This mix was designed for SuperMemo 98 or later. It cannot be used with SuperMemo for Palm Pilot, SuperMemo for Windows CE, SuperMemo 6 for DOS, nor SuperMemo 7/8

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