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Do you think history is boring? As an inveterate weboholic and computer junkie you are not likely to be a great enthusiast of humanities. Take a look at this collection and change your mind about history once and for all.

Did you know that:

  • Victor Hugo made love to his wife nine times on the wedding night. And that he was a virgin at that time
  • ancient Chinese developed immunization against smallpox long before it was done again by famous E.Jenner
  • Cleopatra committed suicide by being bitten by an asp
  • Nobel Prize winner Pierre Curie died on a Paris street struck by a truck
  • Alexander the Great is said to have read all books that were available at his time
  • WW2 claimed as many victims as there are people inhabiting Poland
  • Einstein learned to speak when he was ... three
  • there is a hypothetical link between tea imports in 18-th century and Enlightenment (tea made people more optimistic!)
  • Engels subsidized Karl Marx'es poor family
  • Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev did not get a Nobel Prize for his periodic table and the award was given instead to Henri Moissan for discovering fluorine
  • sky scrapers where born as a result of ... great fire in Chicago
  • Edison patented 1000 inventions
Isn't history fascinating? Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.
Q: hist: How many people drowned in the Titanic disaster (1912)?
A: 1500 (out of 2200 on board)

Q: hist: Van Gogh produced more than 800 oil paintings and 700 drawings, but he sold ...(how many) during his lifetime
A: (only) one

Q: hist: When did the great epidemic of influenza take place (20 million deaths)?
A: 1918

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