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The following 17 collections are included:
  • This and That on History - a collection of interesting and funny facts from the history of mankind
  • Archaic English - small collection for learning Archaic English
  • British Rulers - a collection of facts on British rulers (from Eadwig to Elizabeth II)
  • Constitution of the USA - a quick introduction to the basics of the US Constitution
  • English in History - English vocabulary in the field of history
  • Famous Murders - a small collection for learning selected facts related to famous murders (from assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar to the contemporary assassinations of such people like John Winston Lennon or Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi)
  • Famous Painters - masterpieces of the greatest painters of all time
  • Geographical Expolorers - a set of facts concerning major geographical explorers and explorations they made
  • Gods of Mythologies - a collection for learning the most famous gods of Egyptian, Greek, Norse, and Roman mythologies
  • Greek vs Roman Gods - a collection for learning Roman counterparts of major Greek gods
  • Hieroglyphs - sacred characters used in ancient Egyptian picture-writing
  • Major Technological Inventions - most notable inventions, their inventors and dates since 1590
  • Presidents of the USA - interesting facts about American presidents
  • Roman Emperors - a compact collection on Roman emperors and imperators (from Pompey the Great to Leo I)
  • Roman vs Greek Gods - a collection for learning Greek counterparts of major Roman gods
  • Rosetta Stone - a collection of facts related to the inscribed store that appeared to be the key to understanding of the hieroglyphic writing
  • Space Exploration in the 20th Century - 20th century's most significant developments in the exploration of the final frontier
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