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The following 17 collections are included:
  • Anatomy - the foundations of the anatomy and facts with wider physiological implications
  • Biochemistry - most important facts of biochemistry needed to understand its medical implications
  • Calories - caloric content of individual foods and caloric expenditure of various activities and sports
  • Cancer - all you need to know about the biology of cancer
  • Cell Biology - basic collection of cell biology
  • Endocrinology - interesting facts related to hormones and hormonal regulation, as well as the molecular basis of the endocrine response
  • General Medicine - collection of interesting facts related to general medicine
  • Genetics - basic facts about DNA, chromosomes, genetic engineering, transgenics, genetics and genetic diseases
  • Health - facts of biology and medicine that are likely to help you stay fit and live a happy long life
  • Immunology - ABC of human immunology for students of biological sciences
  • Microbiology - a compact collection with fascinating facts in medical microbiology
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Memory - a collection that compiles research data on how memory works at the molecular level
  • Neurosciences - selected facts from neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neural transmission, memory and learning
  • Physiology - a collection of most interesting facts on how our body works
  • This and That on Histology - a small collection containing some unrelated but interesting facts on biochemistry, cell biology, immunology and physiology of selected tissues in the human body
  • Virology - most important facts relating to medically important viruses and viral diseases
  • Zooparasites - selected facts related to the human zooparasites and parasitic diseases
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