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Author: Sergio Cattazzo
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Last updated: Mar 10, 2000
Broaden your horizons and open a new window... window on Italy!!!
Are you planning a travel to Italy, a visit to its unforgettable art cities: Rome, Florence, Venice? Would you like to share your impressions and views with Italian people about music, sport, fashion, design, or cookery - not only pizza and spaghetti?
This collection offers you an easy and quick way to learn basic Italian vocabulary and help you make your first steps into Dante's and Leonardo da Vinci's speech.
Italian is a musical and lively language. It will open you a window on a faceted, amazing history and culture.
Have a nice journey! Buon viaggio!
Q: to love
A: amare

Q: What's your name?
A: Come ti chiami? / Come si chiama?

Q: knowledge
A: conoscenza

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