Basic Spanish (by Jens Buurgaard Nielsen)

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Author: Jens Buurgaard Nielsen
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Last updated: Apr 21, 2002
This collection intends to provide the user with a balanced, all-round, beginner level active vocabulary for Spanish and furthermore a passive vocabulary sufficient for reading a newspaper (provided a good knowledge of grammar and especially verb conjugations).

I have attempted to sort the elements not only according to general word groups (nouns, verbs, etc), but also to frequency, so that the user learns the most basic words first.

This work is made in Ecuador, and therefore there is an emphasis on Latin American Spanish. However, there are only few differences in vocabulary between Latin American Spanish and "Spain" Spanish. I have indicated which words differ from "Spain" Spanish.

General structure:

Eng-Spa (active vocabulary) 1200 elements

    Nouns 350 elements
    Verbs 350 elements. This section also covers 80 examples of verb conjugation for present, simple past, future, imperative, gerund and perfect (e.g. have done) tense
    Phrases 150 elements
    Other 300 elements
Spa-Eng (passive vocabulary) 2700 elements (some overlap with previous collection)
    Common words 350 elements
    Frequent words 1450 elements
    Infrequent words 900 elements
Jens Buurgaard Nielsen
April 2002
Q: una firma
A: a signature

Q: Ecuador is a beautiful country
A: Ecuador es un país hermoso

Q: sweet (about taste)
A: dulce

Q: un oficial
A: an officer

Q: tener prisa
A: to be in a hurry

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