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Version: 09/08/01.9 (upgraded 2016)
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The following 9 collections are included:
  • Advanced Mathematics - advanced vocabulary of mathematics (the mother of computing sciences)
  • MATH3MAT1C5 - rich material for learning terminology of mathematics
  • MATH3MAT1C5 Tests - the collection demonstrates the use of various tests available in SuperMemo for learning the following branches of mathematics: analytic geometry, planimetry, stereometry, and trigonometry
  • Mathematical Formulae - over 900 items for learning the most important mathematical formulae
  • Multiplication Table 1 ... 20 - once you master this collection, you will discover a number of situations in which the ability to make quick two-digit multipications becomes very useful
  • Planimetry - Formulae - the most important formulae used in planimetry
  • Stereometry - Formulae - the most important formulae used in stereometry
  • Trig Functions - rudimentary knowledge and formulae of trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant)
  • Two-valued Logic (Introductory Course) - a small collection that will introduce you to the subject of two-valued logic
This mix was designed for SuperMemo 98. The following versions are included:
  • SuperMemo 9 (1998)
  • SuperMemo 16 (2013)
  • SuperMemo 17 (2016)
  • Q&A for other SuperMemos (only 5 collections)
Note that a few items based on line components have not been included in SuperMemo 17 version. SuperMemo 17 version includes 400+ bonus subset of Advanced English 2016

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