Borland Pascal

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Author: Piotr Wozniak, PhD
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Last updated: Apr 21, 2000
For programmers who use Borland Pascal to write Windows applications. Emphasis was put on programming Windows and practical aspects of using Object Windows (units, types, constants, functions, objects and their hierarchy, methods, messages, programming tips, etc.). Also included: basics of Windows, Turbo Debugger, Resource Workshop, and selected aspects of using the integrated development environment (options, keyboard shortcuts, etc.).
Q: bp: How is boolean True represented?
A: non-zero

Q: bp: How to declare a 50-character-long null-terminated string?
A: array[0..50] of char

Q: bp: Which construct is correct: A (case ... else ... end), B (case ... end else ... end), C (case ... end else begin ... end)?
A: A

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