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Author: Luis Gustavo Neves da Silva
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Last updated: Aug 17, 2000
Learn Portuguese!

This diversified and culturally rich language is spoken by almost 200 million people worldwide. Spoken in Portugal, Brazil, the land of Amazon Topical Rain Forest, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and many more it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.
This collection will help you learn colors, how to count, how to ask for food in a restaurant, how to buy, and much more.

Q: spider
A: aranha

Q: What is the plural form of "cavalo" (horse)?
A: cavalos

Q: How much is it?
A: Quanto custa?

Q: a figure of a man made of snow = snowman
A: boneco de neve

Q: the best possible (e.g. about an interval in SuperMemo repetitions) = optimum/optimal
A: ótimo

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