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The following 10 collections are included:
  • Assembler 8086 - the assembly language of the 8086 processor
  • Borland Pascal - for programmers who use Borland Pascal to write Windows applications
  • Computer English - English terminology of computer science
  • Delphi - most critical facts and rules needed for effective Delphi programming
  • DOS - basic and advanced options of Microsoft`s first operating system
  • Introduction to MySQL - a compact collection that will help you to master how to add, access, and process data stored in a database managed by MySQL (very fast, reliable, and easy to use database management system)
  • Oracle Performance Tuning - this collection of 520 questions covers material needed for the Performance Tuning part of the Oracle8 DBA exams (Exam 1Z0-014)
  • PERL - for programmers, web designers, and system administrators interested in PERL programming language
  • Visual Basic - a collection for programmers who use Visual Basic 6.0 to write Windows applications
  • Windows API - ABC of programming to Windows Application Programming Interface
This mix was designed for SuperMemo 98 or later. It can also be used with SuperMemos that support Q&A text import. Users of SuperMemo 17 can additionally use a bonus subset of Advanced English 2018: Programmer's English (1275 items)

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