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In English grammar, a phrasal verb is a phrase that consists of a verb plus an adverbial or prepositional particle, esp. if the meaning cannot be deduced by analysis of the meaning of the constituents. For example, take in is a phrasal verb. It means deceive, and you cannot figure this out otherwise than by just memorizing the phrasal verb and its meaning.
Phrasal verbs are critical to your understanding of English, and nothing will help you memorize them better than SuperMemo. This is a typical SuperMemo material. As you cannot cure it with grammar rules, you have to endure it with repetitions.
Q: pv: to remove something off one's clothes by repeated beating (e.g. with a hand)
A: shake it off

Q: pv: to find something by using the nose (about a dog)
A: sniff it out

Q: pv: to say something suddenly without thinking (e.g. because of nervousness)
A: blurt (it) out

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