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SuperMemo 17 for Windows runs optimally in Windows 10, but can also be used in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

SuperMemo 17 will help you:
  • learn fast and retain memories
  • collect information from electronic sources (esp. the web)
  • convert collected information into knowledge durably stored in your memory (see: incremental learning)
  • use acquired knowledge in creative problem solving (e.g. using neural review)
  • log sleep data to see how learning and sleep interact (see: sleep and learning)
By default, SuperMemo ensures 95% recall of the learned knowledge for life (as long as you follow its review schedule).

SuperMemo is a great tool for every serious student of medical sciences, languages, chemistry, biology, and all imaginable fields where durable long-term memory plays a significant role. SuperMemo's power is limited only by the size of your hard disk, available time, and the capacity of your memory.

SuperMemo has been in continual development since 1987. This is its 17th version that has been adapted to run optimally in Windows 10.

See also: Purchase instructions:
  • Triple check your e-mail address! If you do not receive an IMMEDIATE confirmation of your order via e-mail, write to us. If you get no reply via e-mail, check your spam folder, and see: If your e-mails do not get answered
  • You can download and start using the program immediately. You will then receive your unlock password and further instructions within a business day. You can use SuperMemo in the meantime
  • The size of the installer to download is ~540kB. You will download the remaining components at installation. You can always rerun the installer to check for updates and patches to SuperMemo. Updates are not automatic
  • When downloading, save the installer with the extension EXE (as sm17inst.exe) on your hard disk and run it.
  • Newer Windows will complain that SuperMemo comes from "Unknown publisher". If you are sure you have downloaded from, ignore that message
  • If you are a beginner, read: Installing SuperMemo
  • If you already have SuperMemo, use the upgrade option
  • This is software for download. You will not receive a disk via airmail.

With SuperMemo you can forget about forgetting!