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SuperMemo 2006 for Windows will help you do the following:
  • import articles from the Internet for prioritized reading
  • read thousands of articles in parallel and convert them into knowledge suitable for fast learning
  • use spaced repetition to retain 96-99% of the learned material in memory at minimum investment of time
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    Installation instructions:
    • Triple check your e-mail address! If you do not receive an IMMEDIATE confirmation of your order via e-mail, write to us
    • You can download and start using the program immediately. You will then receive your unlock password and further instructions within a business day
    • The size of the installer to download is ~460kB. You will download the remaining components at installation. You can always rerun the installer to check for updates and patches to SuperMemo
    • When downloading, save the installer with the extension EXE (as sm06inst.exe) on your hard disk and run it
    • If you are a beginner, read: Installing SuperMemo
    • Apart from on-line help, you can download the help file in CHM format (10 MB)
    • Warning! This is software for download. You will not receive a disk via airmail.

    Important! This software is freeware, and is retained at this site as a collector item only.

    By ordering any of Freeware, you instantly qualify for Freeware Upgrade to newer versions.

    If you would rather avoid the hassle of placing an order, go to freeware sites, and download there. For example see: SuperMemo at

With SuperMemo you can forget about forgetting!