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Author: Luis Gustavo Neves da Silva
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Last updated: Jun 26, 2000
This collection is intended to be an aid for programmers who use Visual Basic 6.0 to write Windows applications and students who are preparing for the Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Visual Basic 6.0 - Microsoft Certification Exam.
It is the set of the most critical facts and rules needed for effective Visual Basic programming. You will learn the basics programming and data access of Visual Basic, most important properties, methods and events of most frequently used components. Hints and tips, compiler options, typical implementation problems, useful keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Note! This is not a comprehensive substitute for a manual.

Q: When should I use public variables instead of property subroutines in a class?
A: When the variable doesn't require any kind of validation or any value is valid. E.g.: the var is a string without size and value restraints.

Q: How to insert a date/time literal?
A: Surround it with ##
A: E.g.: #23-08-99#, #23 Jul 99#, #23 Jul 99 1:20 am#

Q: Which Object model provides an object-based tool for working with folders and files?
A: The File System Object (FSO) object model.

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